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The goal of Monolog is to define and maintain the ObjectWeb API for the logging.

Sébastien Chassande-Barrioz is in charge of the Monolog management.


09 november 2005

Monolog 2.1:

  • Support class loader isolation using an auto calculated topic prefix

03 june 2005

Monolog 2.0:

  • Provides an handler to send traces to JMX listner

03 june 2005

Monolog 1.9.3:

  • the output path can contain java environment variable like ${APPLICATION_HOME}. This variable will be replaced while the wrapper is initialized.

06 april 2005

Monolog 1.9:

  • An eclipse plugin for configuring/editing the
  • Monolog can be used as a fractal component
  • Monolog provides a JMX MBean for the administration of loggers, handlers, and levels.
  • Monolog can be connected to Ant. The logging event from Ant are sent to Monolog.
  • Monolog is compatible with log4j 1.2.9.
  • Minor bug fix in various wrapper.

5 may 2004

Monolog 1.8:

  • A new handler NTEventLogger supported in the log4j wrapper.
  • The handler type becomes a String (a byte before). The byte constants defined in Handler has been removed. This change permits to integrate more easily new handler.

12 march 2004

Monolog 1.7.2:

  • Nice date format in the wrapper for the JDK1.4.
  • Bug fix about context computing (Object, method, line) for the JDK1.4.
  • Bug fix about handler configuration for the JDK1.4.
  • In the JDK wrapper, the context computing can be extend in order to take in account additional logging layer like, commons logging or your own classes.

18 December 2003

Monolog 1.7:

  • Optimisation in the log4j wrapper.
  • Provide a Fractal component: a MonologFactory.

10 April 2003

Monolog 1.6: It contains a wrapper for the logging system provided by the jdk 1.4. There is also a wrapper to the P6Spy tool which permits to log SQL queries into a logger. A single jar which contains all monolog classes is provided: ow_monolog.jar. Finally a new property has added in the monolog configuration file in order to remove all existing handlers to a given logger.

17 May 2002

Monolog 1.5: A special level was added into the BasicLevel class. This level is named INHERIT and it corresponds to the case where no level is specified on the Logger. The second new feature is the possibility to specify that a logger does not inherit the handler of its ancestor.

02 May 2002

Monolog defines now a pattern convention for the message printing. See the org.objectweb.util_monolog.file.api.Pattern interface. The current version of the implementation is 1.4.

22 April 2002

The Monolog API was updated to take in account the configuration need of users. It is now possible to use a monolog configuration file which is not specific to the underlying log system.

11 April 2002

  • Bug fix on the log4j wrapper: The format method is used only in DEBUG level.
  • Bug fix on the log4j wrapper: Use all log4j methods.

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