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Where can I find the the monolog distribution ?

The lastest release of Monolog is always availlable on the objectweb forge.

Distribution structure

The monolog distribution contains the documentation (which is also the web site) and the librairies.


The monolog distribution provides different libraries depending on your need. In most of cases you only need the ow_monolog.jar librairy. If you want to peek only the needed classes, you have to choose among the following of jar:

  • ow_monolog.jar: All
  • ow_util_log_api.jar: API only
  • ow_util_log_file.jar: Properties file tools
  • ow_util_log_wrp_log4j.jar: Log4j wrapper (compatible with log4j 1.2.8 or greater)
  • ow_util_log_wrp_log4jME.jar: Log4jME wrapper (compatible with JDK 1.1.8)
  • ow_util_log_wrp_javalog.jar: A wrapper to java.util.logging (since the jdk 1.4)
  • ow_util_log_wrp_pw.jar: A PrintWriter wrapper
  • ow_util_log_wrp_velo.jar: A wrapper to log velocity trace on monolog
  • ow_util_log_wrp_p6spy.jar: A wrapper to for the P6Spy tool

The Monolog code source is available on the ObjectWeb shared CVS repository.

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